An exclusive test is being offered to select Sandboxx users to try out a new travel booking experience with our friends at Upside Travel. If you have been contacted to be part of this test, you may have some questions. Here's our list of the most common questions but be sure to message us if you have any additional concerns!

Why am I being asked to sign up for a new website when I'm already signed up for Sandboxx?

Upside Travel are collaborating with us to bring you this new travel booking experience. It will look and feel different to what you expect from Sandboxx Travel but we think you'll really enjoy all the extra benefits of booking with us, through our friends at Upside Travel.

As it exists outside of the Sandboxx app, you will need to fill in your details on their site to sign up for the test. Upside Travel are a completely secure booking platform and any additional information will be used to help ease your booking experience.

Why does Upside Travel keep mentioning business travel and work trips ?

Upside Travel's main business is helping those who are traveling for work trips and you will see mention of work trips and business travel throughout your booking experience. This will have no effect on your booking, you will still get access to the best airfare and hotel rates that Upside Travel has to offer.

How do I sign up for Upside Travel?

  • You will receive an email from Upside Travel with a link to join our Sandboxx team. When you click on the link, it will first ask you to create a password.
  • You will then be lead to a short form to complete your profile, enter your full name, date of birth and your phone number. 

  • Next, it will ask you to enter your closest airport and your seating preferences and any loyalty programs you have. You can skip this if you'd prefer.  

  • Lastly, it will ask you to connect to Expensify. You should skip this part, Expensify is used by business travelers so won't effect your booking. 

Can I access Upside Travel on my Sandboxx app?

No, the Sandboxx app still contains our Sandboxx Travel app. For this test, we would love you to consider booking on the Upside Travel site instead. Upside Travel also have an app available in the App and Google Play store which will make it even easier to book your graduation travel and keep an eye on your reservations.

Is Upside Travel secure?

Upside Travel is a fully accredited, full service travel agency and secure. They service travel customers across the world and are based out of Washington, D.C. You can read a copy of the Upside Travel Privacy Policy here for more information.

What if I need help with my hotel and flight?

Upside Travel have a 24/7 team of Travel Navigators who are on-hand to help with booking your hotel and flights. They will provide excellent support during and after booking to make sure you have a great trip.

If you need any graduation information, you can message us here or check out the Sandboxx blog for lots of useful graduation information.

How do I add multiple people to my flight booking?

At this time, Upside Travel trips can only be booked for one passenger at a time. However, after you have finished purchasing the first trip, you can select rebook this trip, and just change the traveler's information.

If there is anything missing that you are confused about, please get in touch and we can help!

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