We are only able to offer tracking to some locations. If you are sending to a location that’s not part of the below list, your letter won’t have tracking. We still send letters that don’t have tracking multiple times throughout the day to make sure your letter can get delivered as quick as possible. 

If your letter is being sent to one of the below locations, and it does not have tracking, please try closing and reopening the SANDBOXX app. Sometimes our shipping partner’s tracking system goes offline or we are conducting some maintenance. If the problem continues, feel free to let us know.

SANDBOXX military bases with overnight shipping and tracking: 

• MCRD Parris Island
• MCRD San Diego
• Camp Pendleton
• AFB Lackland
• CGTC Cape May
• RTC Great Lakes
• Fort Benning
• Fort Jackson
• Fort Leonard Wood

Note: We are working on getting approval to add more bases. Let us know if you know someone who could help us get mail faster to a base. Just shoot us an email at happiness@Sandboxx.us

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