SANDBOXX sends letters either through the postal system or, for select bases, via overnight express shipments. There is no tracking for letters sent to locations apart form the following: 

  • MCRD Parris Island
  • MCRD San Diego
  • Lackland Air Force Base
  • Fort Benning
  • Great Lakes Naval Base

When a letter is marked “Delivered” with the green status like the image below, that means that the package containing your letter was received by one of the postal workers on base. (Or the Officer On Duty if you are sending to a naval ship.)

At MCRD Parris Island and San Diego, the policy is that mail is handed out the day it’s received. We presort all letters we send through overnight shipping to help speed your letter through the mail room on base. In some cases, by sorting, we shorten your letter’s journey by a whole day. 

After one of the postal workers signs for the package containing your letter, the bundles of sorted letters are put in their respective bins for collection by the company commander in the afternoon. (This is why we schedule it so your letter is delivered in the morning.) Your letter is then handed out to the platoon leaders for them to hand out to recruits at mail call. Mail call is typically after chow time (dinner) at 6 pm. 

The process is similar for other bases we ship overnight to. The exact titles of who picks up the mail and when it is handed out will depend on the branch. 

When will my recipient read or receive my mail?

Great question! Mail call varies by military branch and base.

Generally speaking, the day you see your mail delivered is when they will receive that mail. Specifically that evening (barring any training days) at chow-time, which is around 5 PM local. This can vary, so anytime between chow-time and lights out is when they will receive mail.

Non MCRD locations:
For bases that don’t have overnight shipping and tracking, your letter is received by the mail room staff with all the other USPS mail. It is then sorted by mailroom staff and distributed to your recruit or trainee. 

Federal law prohibits mail room staff or Drill Instructors at all bases from delaying your mail. Mail will not be withheld for disciplinary purposes.

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