After submitting your letter to Sandboxx, you may request to stop your letter within 10 minutes of submitting, as long as your letter was submitted before 4:00 PM EST. 

Letters sent after 4:00 PM EST cannot be stopped. 

Please be sure to specify which letter you need deleted. (We’d hate to delete the wrong letter by mistake.) One of the best ways to specify which letter you are talking about is by sending us the 16 digit letter ID.

Before reaching out, please make sure you actually need your letter deleted. If there is an issue with the address, we can fix that. We can also put your letter On Hold - that will keep it from going out with the next shipment but won’t delete it. If you want to resend any of the message, we suggest you copy the text before reaching out to us. We work quickly and wouldn’t want you to have to type out everything all over again. 

Sending a letter on Sandboxx is exactly like dropping an envelope into mailbox on the street. It is not always possible to delete your letter after it’s been sent. Due to the high volume of letters printed each day- we cannot guarantee that your letter can be pulled.  The highest likelihood of finding and deleting your letter is if you contact Sandboxx within 10 minutes of sending the letter. After that point, it’s been processed/printed and sent. 

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