For the first week that your recruit is at boot camp, they don’t have an official mailing address. You can expect to get their address the Sunday or Monday after they’ve shipped out.

Week 1
In this first week they are formed into temporary platoons while they are in processed (given haircuts, taught basic rules and values, get medical procedures done, etc.). After their first week, they get a chance to run the Initial Strength Test (IST) to see if they pass the initial requirements to continue their boot camp journey. If they are unable to pass, they are often “recycled” - you can find more online. 

Passing Initial Strength Test
If they pass the IST, they complete the Senior Drill Instructor letter - a letter sent to their next of kin which contains their platoon number and some general comments from the DI. This letter is generally dropped in the USPS system that first Friday and takes 3-5 business days to get back to you.

But, in the first week they were also given the chance to fill out a SANDBOXX Postcard. The Postcard gives them the chance to list 10 mobile numbers and 3 email address of people they want us to notify on their behalf. Once they receive and list their platoon number, their Postcard is shipped overnight back to SANDBOXX headquarters and is entered into our system. 

Linking You and Your Recruit
It takes most of the weekend to process all the Postcards - and requires lots of deciphering of handwriting. As soon as a batch of Postcards is finished, SANDBOXX sends a text or email to the contacts (you) with your recruit’s address. This text or email is generally sent out Sunday evening or Monday evening. It can take an additional day if there is a large volume. We know how important it is to get the address to you. We work as quick as we can.

If your recruit listed you as a contact, we also connect your profiles - which makes it simpler for you to find them in the app. We encourage all recruits to bring a mini address book with up to 10 numbers with them to Boot Camp. (It’s even better if your recruit and you create profiles before your recruit ships.)

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