Here's everything you need to know about Sandboxx TravelPlus Protection.

Booking flights earlier means better prices. But basic training advises waiting in case a recruit/trainee's graduation date changes. This leads to families either booking early and risking cancelling or booking late and paying more. Sandboxx Travel has developed an exclusive solution.

All Sandboxx users are eligible for the TravelPlus Protection* program, which is packed with great benefits for your graduation or active duty travel.

Book your travel with Sandboxx Travel today for complete ease of mind.

What does Sandboxx TravelPlus include?

Travel worry-free with TravelPlus from Sandboxx. No other travel agency offers this level of protection. Benefits include:

  • Full airline credit if graduation or active duty leave is cancelled¹. Sandboxx travel agents will work with the airline directly - and save you the time and hassle of dealing with changes yourself
  • No change fees if graduation or active leave dates change.
  • Live customer support with Sandboxx travel agents. Guaranteed 1 business day response time, or we’ll refund your TravelPlus purchase.
  • One free Letter credit per recruit
  • No claims process - our agents handle everything for you.

¹ Proper documentation of discharge or change in orders is necessary. Good for currently booked trip only. Airlines do not offer refunds. However, Sandboxx works closely with our airline partners and for our TravelPlus travelers, will handle the travel voucher process for you when major issues like graduation or active duty cancellation come up. Note: any credits are for the airline originally ticketed on, for the passenger named on the ticket, and cannot be transferred to another airline or passenger.

Please note, tax is not included in the credit or reimbursement from Sandboxx, as we don’t receive tax refunds or credits back from the airlines. 


Let’s say you purchase 3 tickets to graduation for $300 per ticket. And a one-way ticket for $150 back home for your recruit.

Case One, graduation or leave dates change. Sandboxx will rebook your tickets for FREE, but you would be responsible for any fare difference. Normally the airlines would charge a $200 change fee in this situation.

Case Two, graduation is completely canceled based on your recruit being discharged. Sandboxx will work with the airline to get you a travel voucher for the same amount that you booked for. 

How do you choose TravelPlus?

You will be given an option of opting in for the TravelPlus during your checkout process. The following box will appear under flight details once you click on a flight option.

Simply click the “Add Travel Plus box” and it will be added to your itinerary. If for some reason you miss this, simply contact us at and we can assist you with adding this to your booking

How to process a change request:

Please contact our support team at in order to process any changes on your airline tickets. Please include the name of travelers, the email associated with your Sandboxx account, and your TravelPlus confirmation number. (Which you were given when you booked). If your recruit/trainee will not be graduating, please include a copy of their DD214.

Always some fine print

Here are some other details regarding the program, and we appreciate your patience in reading all the fine print. If you have any questions, just let us know! For all your travel needs, check out Sandboxx Travel.

All claims must be done through Sandboxx Travel.

If a ticket is canceled based on a military discharge or active duty leave being canceled by the command, the travel credit can only be used by the person named on the ticket.

TravelPlus does not cover changes in travel due to personal reasons or any changes not related to a recruits graduation. Cancellations of flights for weather or other reasons are also not covered, but the airline normally covers that cost. Sandboxx Travel will not cover any price increases - we'll contact you to pay the difference in fares.

TravelPlus is available to any person attending basic training graduation booking their tickets through Sandboxx Travel, including the recruit ticket. TravelPlus does not reimburse the cost for ticket transfers or name changes, fare differences related to change of dates or changes made for any reason not related to an official change of dates for the military graduation.

 TravelPlus only applies to flight bookings. TravelPlus fees and other Sandboxx fees are non-refundable.

Sandboxx TravelPlus is not an insurance product.

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