Writing Letters to your recruit is one of the best ways to keep their morale and spirits high during one of the most difficult times of their life. To make it easier and faster for you to get in touch with your recruit during basic training, Sandboxx offers overnight shipping via FedEx to basic training units at the following bases:

  • MCRD Parris Island
  • MCRD San Diego
  • MCB Quantico
  • Camp Pendleton
  • AFB Lackland
  • CGTC Cape May 
  • RTC Great Lakes
  • Fort Benning*
  • Fort Jackson*
  • Fort Leonard Wood*
  • Fort Sill*
  • Fort Knox*
  • Military Academy at West Point
  • US Naval Academy
  • US Air Force Academy

Delivery Process:

For Camp Pendleton, MCRD Parris Island, MCRD San Diego, MCB Quantico, AFB Lackland and CGTC Cape May, Sandboxx Letters are sent via FedEx directly to the mailroom on base. The base mailroom then distributes the Letters to the basic training units.

*For Fort Jackson, Fort Benning, Fort Sill, and Fort Leonard Wood, Sandboxx Letters are delivered to the Battalion or Brigade mailroom by FedEx, where Army personnel distribute the letters to your soldier’s company. At RTC Great Lakes, Sandboxx Letters are delivered to the Ship by FedEx. Navy personnel at the Ship will then distribute the Letters to your recruit’s division. Fort Knox Letters are overnighted to Basic and Advance Camp only. 

Any Sandboxx Letter sent to a non-basic training addresses, including Army AIT units, will be sent via USPS First Class Mail. If you send a Sandboxx Letter to a recruit/trainee at a basic training unit that has already graduated or is between training cycles, your Letter will be placed on hold until we can verify that the unit will accept your mail before we send it. Your recruit/trainee will receive his/her Sandboxx Letter during unit mail call, which may not occur every day.

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