ADDED: Design and Usability

  • We've added the ability to search for your recipient by email! Now, If you had trouble finding them by name, but you do know their email, try searching by their email to more easily find them.
  • Updated Occupation Codes now display "NEC" for Navy Enlisted Candidates and "COD" for Naval Officers.

FIXES: Addresses

  • We updated our address validation so no blank fields will be added to your recipient's address. Now, you need to enter your recipient's address information for rank, unit and more if required. This is to ensure we get send Letters to your loved ones, every time.
  • We fixed a Fort Benning Address formatting bug that previously omitted "Roster Number" from the address.
  • We've enhanced our screens for selecting a recipient for your Letter as well as the military base selection screens. Basically, it's easier and more intuitive to select your recipient now.
  • We've fixed a bug that was hiding the State and Zip Code fields from view on the Sender and Recipient Address screens.

FIXES: Stability

  • We fixed a crash that occurred on the Letter bundle screen during Letter composition and sending. This was caused by us loading the Giftcard options a little bit too early. I guess we wanted to ensure you REALLY had the option to send a Giftcard .;-)
  • We fixed a random crash when trying to view your connections.
  • We also fixed a pull-down refresh bug when trying to view your connections.
  • And finally, we fixed a random crash when uploading a photo. We know a photo means a 1000 words, so we wanted to get it right.
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