Collage Apps are our friend.

Did you know you can download a Collage App from the App (iOS) or Google Playstore (Android) onto your phone and then use the collage app to include more photos to your recruit? 

Here's the steps to get more photos to your recruit:

  1. Download Collage App through App Store or Google PlayStore

  2. Find the collage that works for you, but it will definitely work best if you choose a square template; add your pictures, save.

  3. Go to Sandboxx App, write your letter and when adding your photo, use the collage you created to upload onto your recruit's letter.

  4. Confirm the collage fits into the 4x4 photo square.

  5. Send your letter!

Do you plan to support multiple photos or photo collages as part of the Sandboxx app itself in the future?
Yes, but we don't have a release date on it at the moment. Stay tuned to our Product Updates section for news on new releases, feature enhancements and more.

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