My recruit is almost a Marine. What happens after Graduation?
Congratulations for both your family and your Marine! First on the books, some well-earned and well deserved leave. 10 days to be exact! Your Marine is going to want to eat all those great home cooked meals they missed during the past 13 weeks, catch up with friends and family and SLEEP! Don’t schedule too much for them because after that 10 days of leave is over it’s back to a busy schedule.

*Note: Your Marine needs to make sure travel plans have been made to go to the School Of Infantry. For any assistance, please reach out to our Travel Customer Happiness Team. We would be happy to help.

What happens after my Marine’s 10 days of leave is over? You’ve heard the mantra by now that every Marine is a Rifleman.  Now they go to SOI (School Of Infantry) to learn more in depth skills as a Marine. There are two different schools under SOI, MCT (Marine Combat Training) and ITB (Infantry Training Battalion). 

  • MCT Marines - 5 weeks of school 
  • ITB Marines - 9 weeks of school

Do they have a graduation at SOI?
Yes, they do! You should receive a packet from ITB or MCT which will give you more details about your Marine’s address and Graduation. 

After Graduation do they get to come home or have leave again?
Sorry, Dad and Mom. They don’t get additional leave. :-( After SOI Graduation MCT students go directly to their Military Occupational Specialty School. ITB students will go directly to the Operating Forces. Specialty Schools last anywhere between 4 to 52 weeks.

Can we visit them at their Military Occupation Specialty School?
Each school is different so it’s best to communicate with your Marine first. 

What does “Operating Forces” mean?
It means the active duty unit they will be attached to. So far they’ve been at Recruit Training, SOI and MOS School. Now, they get to put all of their newfound skills to work in the unit they will be assigned after MOS School.

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