It's hard enough when your recruit leaves home to go to boot camp for 13 weeks. You're cut off from them, only communicating through letters, then, you get a call. Your recruit is sick, injured, needs rehab, going home or needs physical fitness training. The phone call is short and to the point but the questions linger in your head what all of this means for your recruit. We're hoping we can answer the majority of your questions with this article.

Support Training Company consists of many different platoons: Recruit Processing Company (Receiving), Medical Rehabilitation Platoon (MRP), Recruit Separation Platoon (RSP), Physical Conditional Platoon (PCP), Evaluation Holding Platoon (EHP) and Instructional Training Company. 

Below are a few Q & A responses to some of the questions you might have while your recruit is at one of these platoons.

Recruit Processing CO - Receiving

  1. Do recruits get calls home from Special Training Company (STC)?
    Yes. Recruits will make a call home to their Next of Kin (NOK) upon arrival to STC and assignment to their new platoon to provide them with their new address. It is a scripted phone call. Recruits will also call their NOK once they return to training or if they are recommended for separation.

  2. Do recruits who have recent disciplinary violations get calls home?

  3. Do calls home come from the deck's phone?

  4. How long are recruits normally allowed to talk on the phone with home?
    Recruits are allowed a 5 minute phone call on average.

  5. What happens if he can't pass his Initial Strength Test (IST)? Will he get another chance? How many chances will he get?
    The IST is administered during the receiving week.  Recruits who do not pass the IST are transferred to STC, where they will be afforded at a minimum of three opportunities to pass the IST.  If the recruit cannot pass the IST, they will be recommended for separation. 

Medical Rehabilitation Platoon (MRP)

  1. Can I send care packages while my recruit is there and if so, what can I send?Yes. However, packages should be limited to hygiene gear such as toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, etc.  All other items required to get your recruit through training are always available through the recruit exchange.  

  2. Do they get access to a phone to call home? How often can they call?
    Yes.  There is a phone available to them, but the SDI of that platoon manages it.  Phone calls are available to recruits on a case-by-case basis as determined by the Senior Drill Instructor (SDI).  

    For example:

  • Motivational/Incentive calls

  • Reward calls (behavior, performance, accomplishments)

  • Completing reports off of the Commandant’s Reading Program (Pre Op/Post Op SurgeryUpon initial recommendation for surgery, the recruit will contact his NOK to inform them.  The recruit will make a second phone call prior to surgery and a third after returning to the company from surgery.) 

  • Holidays

  • Personal Hardship calls (family issues, financial issues, etc.) 

  1. Will someone contact me and let me know updates? When will I hear from them/how often will I get notified?
    Yes. SDIs manage the updates based on the severity of the injury.  Pre-op and post-op surgery calls will be made.  Any time a recruit is admitted to the hospital the NOK will be contacted via phone call.  Recruits are allowed to write letters every day to provide updates to their NOK.

  2. Will someone let us know when they are moving to a new company or platoon? How will they let me know?
    Recruits will call home to inform their NOK once they move to a new company.  In the case that their NOK does not answer the call, the Recruit will leave a voicemail.  Recruits will inform their NOK via letter of their movement to a new platoon within STC.

  3. Can my recruit heal from home and then go back?

Recruit Separation Platoon - RSP

How long does it take for a recruit to be sent home? How will we know when he's being sent home?

Every situation is different and a clean bill of health from medical personnel is always required.  Recruits are not discharged directly from STC.  They are transferred to Recruit Separations Platoon (RSP) in Recruit Processing Company (RPC), the NOK will be notified by telephone of this transfer.  RSP must complete several steps in coordination with external agencies, which normally takes between 1-2 weeks.  

Physical Conditioning Platoon - PCP

How long will my recruit be at Physical Conditioning Platoon (PCP)?

This is dependent on the recruit’s injury and on his or her recovery time.

We hope these Q&A's have helped alleviate any fears you have about your recruit. The recruiter is another great resource for parents to utilize for any information on their recruit.  Recruiters are scheduled to call once a week for follow-up information on their recruits.  Recruits are afforded the opportunity to speak to their recruiter upon the recruiter’s request. Recruiters should call any time after 1845. 

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