How to Attach a Photo on Sandboxx Web Platform

  • Sign into Sandboxx's web platform at
  • The default login screen is our Letters dashboard but if for some reason you're no on this screen, click "Letters" on the left hand navigation
  • Click the orange "Compose" button
  • Click on the icon in the message body to add a photo
  • You'll see a dialog box display, select your photo (Please note, do not upload anything larger than 20 megabytes (mb). Acceptable file formats/types are .JPGs, .PNGs and .GIFs. GIFs will not be animated as your image is printing on a physical mail piece)
  • Once your image displays in the window, click and drag to select a square section of your photo (Photos need to be in squares so we can print them)
  • Once you've successfully outlined your crop, you'll see the "Continue" button become active in an orange color
  • Click "Continue" and you'll photo will be attached.


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