We currently do not offer the ability to change or cancel your flight booking through our app. If you need to change details or cancel your Sandboxx Travel flight booking, please reach out to the Sandboxx Travel team through "Chat" on our site or by emailing reservations@sandboxx.us . Please include all the relevant information needed to change your booking.

We know graduation dates often get modified because of weather or medical reasons. And sometimes you cannot get there after you booked. If you need to change the flight dates you have a couple of options.

If you are at the airport or within a few hours of your flight

Please contact us first at reservations@sandboxx.us or over on the app.sandboxx/travel , and then reach out to the airline directly. We will contact you as soon as we receive your message, however, the airline may be able to resolve your situation faster.

If you have at least 2 days until your flight

Please contact us at reservations@sandbox.us with what details you need changed / if you need to cancel your flight.

What difference does TravelPlus make to my ability to change my flight reservations?

If you purchased TravelPlus, your change/re-booking fee's will be waived if the change is a result to a change in graduation timeline and if your cancellation is due to your recruit/trainee being discharged, we will give you a fully monetary refund as well as an airline credit of equal value.

If you did not purchase TravelPlus, we will try assist in getting change/re-booking fee's waived but we cannot guarantee it. You cannot claim for a monetary refund through Sandboxx if you didn't not purchase TravelPlus although your airline credit should be available.

If you need to change names, amount of seats or dates of travel which are not due to a change in graduation plans, you may be subject to fees imposed by the airlines. Also any fare differences as a result of flight changes are the responsibility of the customer regardless of whether TravelPlus has been purchased.

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