All new Marines get a mandatory 10-day leave starting the day of graduation (that is day 1 of leave). Marines will have an opportunity to book travel at basic training but family and friends can purchase their flight home for them. Booking for your new Marine means you can ensure your new Marine is on your flight back.

Marine's will also have to purchase their own travel back to training once their 10-day leave is finished.

To book your recruit's ticket:

  1. Visit
  2. Choose One-Way Flight
  3. Click on "Show more options" and under Passenger type choose Recruit.

P.S. Have someone who is Active Duty traveling to graduation? Be sure to check if there are any Active Duty fares with the Passenger Type selection on Sandboxx Travel.

We advise booking your trip first and then finding the same flight to add your Marine to.

We recommend flying out of:

  • San Diego after 3pm on Graduation Day
  • Parris Island after 6pm on Graduation Day

This will give you enough time to get to your relevant airport without rushing graduation activities.

Reporting back to training:

Your recruit must report to base no later than the 10th day of his leave. We recommend purchasing the one-way ticket after graduation after reviewing their orders and confirming the actual report date.

We also recommend that they travel before the 10th day, their new instructors will not take kindly to your Marine arriving late to School of Infantry, even if it’s due to an uncontrollable delay in flights.

Your new Marine can submit a travel claim for a portion of their travel expenses once they arrive to their duty station (after their school.) Sandboxx Travel can provide the documentation to assist in this process so get in touch if you need any help at

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