Fort Leonard Wood Graduation Resources

When to travel, where to stay and graduation schedule for Fort Leonard Wood
Fort Leonard Wood Graduation Dates 2019

Airports near Fort Leonard Wood

  • St. Robert Regional Airport (TBN) - on base (limited flights which are expensive)
  • Branson Regional Airport (SGF) – 1 hour 15 minute drive from Fort Leonard Wood
  • St. Louis International (STL) – 2 hour drive from Fort Leonard Wood

Our recommended hotels near Fort Leonard Wood

  • Quality Inn St. Robert - Ft. Leonard Wood
  • Comfort Inn St. Robert/Fort Leonard Wood 
  • Fairfield Inn Fort Leonard Wood St. Robert 
  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites SAINT ROBERT - LEONARD WOOD 
  • Mainstay Suites St. Robert - Fort Leonard Wood

Costs can vary for flights to these different airports but all are available on Sandboxx Travel.

Need some additional advice on booking your travel to graduation at Fort Leonard Wood? Schedule a call or email us at to talk to one of our Travel agents to help get you to Fort Leonard Wood.

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