Parris Island Graduation Information

Parris Island 2019 Graduation Dates

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When to travel, where to stay and how to get on base for graduation at MCRD Parris Island

Airports near MCRD Parris Island

  • Hilton Head Airport (HHH) - 1 Hour drive from base
  • Savannah International Airport (SAV) - 1 Hour drive from base
  • Charleston International Airport (CHS) - 1 Hour 30 minute drive from base

Costs can vary for flights to these different airports but all are available on Sandboxx Travel.

Our recommended hotels near MCRD Parris Island

  • The Southern Belle
  • Best Western Sea Island Inn
  • Hilton Garden Inn Beaufort
  • Hampton Inn Beaufort

We offer a wide range of other great hotels near MCRD Parris Island too which you can check out over on Sandboxx Travel.

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