What is the Sandboxx Sponsorship feature and how does it work?
Sponsorship entails applying a number of your credits to a particular military member. This way, Letters sent to that military member are sent on your behalf and use your credit balance that you've applied to the military member.

That doesn't use all of my credits, does it?
No, absolutely not! You can apply your entire credit balance if you wish, following the steps outlined below. Or, you can apply the exact number of credits (1 Credit = 1 Letter) as you wish.

What does it mean to "sponsor" someone?
Basically, you are sponsoring a Letter recipient so you're applying your selected number of credits to only that recipient. For example, let's say you have 3 credits. You apply 2 of them to your recipient and now, you only have 1 left that you can use to send a Letter. Now, you can invite friends and family to 1.) sign up to Sandboxx, 2.) Find your recruit/recipient and 3.) send a Letter on your behalf since you've applied credits to this recipient.

How do I setup a sponsorship?

  1. Sign into Sandboxx
  2. Select the recipient you wish to sponsor
  3. Select the number of credits you want to apply (this is the number of Letters you want supporters to write to them)
  4. Click "Confirm"
  5. Invite your family and friends to join you in support!

Now, your military member is successfully sponsored. Using your credits, family and friends can send Letters of support to your military member with Sandboxx speed.

What if I don't see my military member to sponsor?
You can use our search function to find the right military member. Watch the video below using our web app to ensure you find and select the right military member.

Once I apply credits can I reverse them or get them back somehow?
No, unfortunately this cannot be undone. Just be sure to invite your family and friends to use your sponsorship.

Why would I use this feature?
This is a great option to use when you have a small group or a large group of family or friends who all want to support your recruit.

More letters means more morale-boosts. 💌 One of our customers recently said this about sending Sandboxx Letters:

How to Setup a Sponsorship, Mobile

How to Setup a Sponsorship, Web

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