What is the Photo Editor and how do I use it?
The Photo Editor is a feature within our web and mobile apps that allows you to upload, crop, edit, colorize, add text, stickers, frames and more to your photos.

To use it, simply follow these steps to make your best photo yet. Now, you really can say more with your photos than ever before.

How to Use the Web Photo Editor

Step 1

  • Upload your photo using either jpegs, pngs, or gifs. NOTE: animated gifs do not work and will only print the first frame, so please use jpegs and pngs.

Step 2

  • You'll see the default crop in a square dimension. This is currently the only supported image dimension. Please confirm the crop by selecting the blue-checkmark.

Step 3

  • Edit your photo as you wish! Apply a filter, add some text or even a sticker. 
  • We even have Sandboxx military specific stickers to help you encourage your recipient. 

Step 4

  • Click "submit" in the top right corner and your photo will be saved to your Letter.

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