What are these new designs on my Profile tab?
As of version 7.0.0 (iOS) and 7.0.0 (Android), you will see an updated navigation tab with "Profile" being located in the bottom right corner. Your Profile tab has been completely redesigned, giving you the most important information at your finger tips like number of Letter credits, Letters sent and Connections along with a completely new feature, Badges.

How do I earn badges?
Badges reward and recognize your support-related activities as you use Sandboxx. Each badge is a specific mark and a milestone for the support of your service-member.

Badges are earned by simply supporting your service-member through writing Letters, creating a sponsorship, recruiting family and friends to join Sandboxx, traveling to Graduation and more. See the detail of each badge below and how to earn it.

How do I see my badges?
Simply navigate to your Profile and you can see your currently earned badges.

What if a badge is grayed out?
This means that the badge is currently "unearned." It means that you haven't yet unlocked that badge. Simply click on the unearned badge and see the steps to earn the badge. Click on the button to start earning it.

Letter Badges

Front Line Supporter

How To Earn: Send your first Letter.

Earn this badge by sending your first Letter! Every warrior needs that initial Letter of support. 

Support Warrior

How To Earn: Send four Letters to earn this badge. 

Warriors depend on love and support from awesome friends and family like you. You'll be in the top 3% of supporters if you send four Letters.

Comms Commander

How To Earn: Refer one (1) friend to earn this badge.

You'll receive one free Letter credit for every new user who joins and sends a Letter. The more support, the higher their morale will be. Earn the Comms Commander badge today!

Comms Captain

How To Earn: Refer three (3) friends to Sandboxx.

Refer three friends to unlock and earn this badge. You'll be in the top 10% of all users who use this feature. Your friends must sign up and send a Letter. More support is better for your service-member.

Troop Recruiter

How To Earn: Setup a Sponsorship, getting more Letters to your service-member.

Start a sponsorship to unlock this badge. You can apply Letter credits to a recipient of your choice and encourage more friends and family to send their support too!

Loyal Patriot

How To Earn: Send one Letter for three weeks in a row.

Send one Letter per week for three weeks in a row to earn this badge. Regular contact helps keep your warrior’s spirits high throughout training.

Travel Badges

Ground Support

How To Earn: Book a hotel with Sandboxx Travel

Book a hotel through Sandboxx Travel to unlock this badge. Traveling to graduation just got waaaay easier. 

Air Support

How To Earn: Book a flight with Sandboxx Travel

Book a flight with Sandboxx Travel to unlock this badge. Just think. Soon you’ll be seeing your warrior face to face!

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