I've sent my referral link to a friend, but I didn't earn a credit yet, how come?
In order to receive a Letter credit, your referral must meet the following criteria:

  1. The referral must be a new user and never have downloaded Sandboxx before. That means they must have never had a Sandboxx account.
  2. They must create the account after they click on the link. For example, if the referral sees your link and clicks on it, but does not install Sandboxx at the moment, only to install it hours or days later, you will not earn the credit.
  3. If they already have an account, it won't work
  4. If they have clicked on a Sandboxx Advertisement, it will not work. 
  5. The same link will not work on the same phone twice. You can only use one link on one phone.
  6. If the app is already installed on the user's phone, it will not work.

When are Letter credits awarded?

  • When your referral signs up, meets the above criteria and sends a Letter.
  • The referral must i) purchase a credit and ii) send a Letter in order for you to be awarded and for your referral to be rewarded with one (1) free Letter credit.
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