Unfortunately we do not have flight reservations located in the reservations section of Sandboxx Travel. You will receive 2 emails regarding your flight booking which will contain your airline confirmation number as well as all the flight reservation details. We recommend starring this in your emails so you have it to hand.

All flights through Sandboxx have E-tickets, so you will not receive a physical ticket. Using the airline confirmation code on your booking email and name, you can check in prior to departure and get your boarding pass.

The most common way to get your boarding pass is through the airline's website or app. 24 hours prior to departure, you can check in through the airline's website. Once on the airlines website check in, fill in the information requested (name from itinerary and airline confirmation number), click submit and follow the prompts until you get to print or email boarding pass. You may also be able to access it directly off the airline's mobile app if you wish.

You can also check in at the airport on the day of travel and get your ticket from a check in desk. However that can be time consuming depending on the airport and how long lines are. If you choose to check in at the airport, please arrive 3 hours prior to your flight to insure the flight is not missed due to long lines.

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