How do I send a letter through Sandboxx?

An overview of sending a Sandboxx Letter

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We understand how crucial it is for parents, family, and friends to stay connected with their loved ones serving in the military. Whether it's during boot camp, deployments, or beyond, staying in touch is essential.

That's why we've made it incredibly simple for you to send physical letters to your service member. With just a few taps on your phone, your personal image and message are transformed into a beautifully printed letter and shipped to your loved one's location, arriving just in time for mail call. Never before has sending letters to basic training been so quick and easy!

At Sandboxx, we employ a consistent “5-Check” process for each Letter that we send to ensure that the words you type and the pictures you take get delivered to your loved one worry-free.

Here’s what you should expect the next time you use Sandboxx to send a Letter to your recruit or service member.

STEP 1: Drafting Your Letter

The Sandboxx app makes it as easy and convenient as possible to send a Letter from the palm of your hand, wherever you may be.

First, you’ll want to open the Sandboxx app. Then, tap "Write Letter”, and begin writing your message.

After you confirm that your letter order is good to go, just tap Send. Once you send your letter, it will be processed at our printing facility the same day (if submitted before 4:30 pm ET, Monday-Friday).

If you’re sending a letter to one of the bases to which offer overnight shipping, you’ll be able to track the status of your letter in our mobile app as soon as you tap “Send”.

STEP 2: Receiving

As soon as you send your letter via the Sandboxx app, we verify the recipient’s address and correct any potential errors.

STEPS 3 & 4: Processing and Shipping

After each letter is printed, we then use a machine that applies over 3,000 pounds of force to fold and seal it. Then, we sort it by the company for the Marines and Army, flight for the Air Force, or ship for the Navy.

This marks our third check of the day and allows us to ensure that each base is able to quickly distribute the Letters upon delivery.

STEP 5: Delivery

After we complete our last letter print of the day at 4:30PM Eastern time, we check over the Letters to ensure each Letter is shipped to the correct destination.

Each box of 1,000 letters is double-sealed and then dropped off at FedEx, our trusted shipping partner that makes sure these important packages arrive at each base the following day.

Please note that a letter with the delivery status of “Delivered” does not mean that your letter has reached your recruit’s hands, but rather that your letter has reached the mailroom on base and is waiting to be distributed to your recruit.

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