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Sandboxx Notifications: Your recruit wrote you back!
Sandboxx Notifications: Your recruit wrote you back!

What happens when your recruit in basic training writes back to your Sandboxx letter.

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Here at Sandboxx, we understand how important letters during basic training are. We also know what it’s like to stalk the mailman in hopes of having a letter from your recruit delivered that day. Because of this, we’ve partnered with USPS Informed Visibility to provide you with reply mail notifications. Here’s everything you need to know about reply mail and Sandboxx notifications.

What is reply mail?

Reply Mail is a feature unique to Sandboxx. When your recruit in training replies to you using the included Sandboxx envelope, you’ll get notified that you have a letter on the way. Once your recruit drops their reply letter in the mail, it is scanned at the first Post Office. This scan triggers a notification from Sandboxx that your recruit has replied. There are four phases of reply-letter status.

Phase 1: Origination Scan

Your recruit has written a letter using the Sandboxx stationery and it has been scanned at the post office

Phase 2: In Transit

Your reply letter is en route to your reply address

Phase 3: Out for Delivery

Your reply letter is out for delivery, this is an approximate time

Phase 4: Delivered

You may or may not receive the status of “Delivered”. USPS does not individually scan mail pieces once they arrive in your mailbox, but there are some unique situations throughout the U.S. that allow for this status to occur.

What notification will I receive from Sandboxx?

When your recruit has replied back to you using the included Sandboxx stationery, you will receive a notification stating

“Your Recruit wrote you back!"

"Their letter is en route to your mailbox.”

Does this mean their letter will arrive tomorrow?

The delivery of the notification does not necessarily mean that your recruit’s letter will arrive at your home by the next day. We are working closely with the USPS Informed Visibility to provide better tracking capabilities for recruit letters.

When will my recruit’s letter arrive, then?

There are multiple factors to take into consideration when determining the delivery date of your recruit’s letter. Depending on what state they are located in for basic training, and the state you are residing in your recruit’s letter can take anywhere from 5-7 business days to reach your location.

Factors that may delay the delivery of your recruit’s letter:

  • Weather

  • The volume of mail being processed at your local station for delivery

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