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Sandboxx Air Force Family Stories: Lauryn
Sandboxx Air Force Family Stories: Lauryn
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At Sandboxx we are always working hard to listen to our Sandboxx customers and Sandboxx families. In this series, learn more about people who utilize Sandboxx to stay connected with their recruits and trainees. Here is Lauryn's story about how Sandboxx helped her stay connected with her recruit:

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your recruit or your recent graduate. Where are you from? Which branch of the military is your recruit in?

Hello! My name is Lauryn, a wife to an amazing Airman and a mom to two little boys. We live in the country near central Ohio. My husband Tyler and I have been together for 8 years and married for five of those. My husband is currently at BMT with the AirForce.

2. How did sending letters with Sandboxx help you connect and stay in touch with your recruit during basic training?

This app has made the separation more bearable and not so lonely! Not only has it been extremely easy to use, it has lots of options and is definitely a time saver.

3. How did you first hear about Sandboxx? After using it for a while, what do you think about Sandboxx?

I heard about Sandboxx through a Facebook group of military family members. I am able to send letters and pictures, and see exactly when my letter gets delivered with their tracking capability! But my absolute favorite part is being able to see when I’m expecting a letter from my Airman! The prepared envelopes have a barcode so you can track them once your recruit sends out his mail! It’s something my children and I really look forward to and knowing when it will arrive has saved my kids a lot of tears by knowing when not to check the mailbox or get our hopes up, so the trackers are amazing!

My husband loves the app because he is able to be spammed with a bunch of letters and pictures within a short period of time; he said it helps keep him going and encouraged, and he loves seeing our smiling faces via photos!

4. Any plans for your recruit after basic training? What’s next for you or for them?

After BMT he will head to AIT where I still plan to send him some snail mail even though he gets his phone back, something about this app and snail mail always seems to bring unexpected joy to those who need it! We are so grateful to the Sandboxx family for creating such an impactful way of communication during the times when we can’t be with the ones we love. We 100% would recommend this app to anyone and everyone!

We hope you have enjoyed learning more about Lauryn's Sandboxx Story. We'd love for you to learn more about our Sandboxx Story here.

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