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Great Lakes Future Sailor Preparatory Course
Great Lakes Future Sailor Preparatory Course
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The Navy recently launched the Future Sailor Preparatory Course (FSPC). This innovative new program was initially done as an experiment to help young men and women physically and academically qualify for service in the United States Navy.

During their training in the FSPC program, recruits either conduct physical training and readiness or classes to correct their academic readiness to meet the requirements to begin their regular boot camp training.

The course consists of two tracks — Fitness and Academic. FSPC is a Navy recruiting initiative to provide an opportunity for future Sailors who are otherwise qualified to serve in the Navy the time needed to improve (F) or academic (A) readiness. Recruits can participate in one of these programs based on their individual needs.


The academic track focuses on improving word knowledge, reading comprehension, arithmetic reasoning, and test-taking skills to help students improve their scores on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, or ASVAB. Recruits participating in the Future Sailor Preparatory Course’s Academic track go through a 3-week Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) tutoring curriculum.


In the fitness track, students are educated on physical, mental, nutrition, sleep, and spiritual readiness — to help them meet the Navy’s enlistment body fat composition standards. After the initial three weeks, FSPC-Physical Fitness Skills Development (FSPC-FSD) recruits have up to 90 days on a 3-week rolling basis to meet standards.


Recruits in the FSPC program are placed into 600 or 800 division numbers and reside in Ship 02. Due to the berthing/quarters capacity on Recruit Training Command, these recruits reside together. To facilitate the mail delivery, any recruit assigned to a 600 division number is assigned an FSPC-F for their division and a Ship 02 street address. Any recruit with an 800 division number is assigned an FSPC-A for their division and a Ship 02 street address.


  • Recruits can receive mail while they are in the FSCP programs

  • Recruits will not have a boot camp graduation date assigned while in the FSPC program

  • Once recruits complete their FSPC program and are assigned a training Ship and Division, then the graduation information will be known.

Once your recruit has completed their FSPC training, they will begin boot camp. There, they can communicate with their family and friends to inform them of their following location (Ship and Division). Be sure you update your recruit’s address in the Sandboxx app once they arrive at their next location for training. If you have trouble updating the address, contact our team to help at

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