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Fort Jackson Preparatory Course
Fort Jackson Preparatory Course
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The Fort Jackson Preparatory course has two tracks, the academic track and the fitness track. They are assigned to a company and platoon in one of the following units, 2-39th IN REGT or the 1-61st IN REGT. You will need to get the full address from your Trainee.

Here is an example of the complete address:

The Preparatory Course can last anywhere from 3 weeks to several months depending on the track they are on. Once your Trainee completes all requirements in the Prep Course, they will move on to Basic Training. They may stay at Fort Jackson or they may go to another base for Basic Training.

Please be sure to let us know when they move on to Basic Training and you get the new address so we can update your account and connect you to the weekly updates for Basic Training.

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