For letters sent to MCRD Parris Island and San Diego through SANDBOXX, the exact street number or PO box number is not important. Letters sent are sorted and handed out by their platoon numbers - that is the important number. 

The PO box number or street number is not normally correct and therefore is not used to sort mail. Because it’s not important, Drill Instructors or company Admins sometimes forget to tell the recruits the correct number or use the number from their last platoon. 

You might get an official letter from your recruit’s Drill Instructor or see that your recruit wrote down a different street or PO box number on their return address than the one in their profile. Don’t worry - as long as you have the correct platoon number your letters should be good.

You can find the correct street numbers and PO boxes using the below links:

MCRD San Diego:

MCRD Parris Island:

SANDBOXX letters are presorted so that you don’t have to worry about the street address. If you find your recruit’s profile needs to be updated, just shoot us a message - we’d be glad to help. 

For handwritten letters, which are not sent through SANDBOXX, please do make an effort to include the right street number or PO box number. If you have questions about your recruit's address, just message us at

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