When will I hear from my recruit?

How does your recruit reply back to you after you've sent a letter?

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No News is Good News!

We know, we know! This sounds so cliche! But it is true. Recruits have very limited downtime during the first few weeks of training as they adjust to a rigid routine. Their days are packed with drills and strenuous physical activity, while their evenings are even more restricted, allowing them only 1 hour to write home. On Sundays, they are offered more time to write letters, so don't be alarmed if you don't hear from your recruit for a few weeks.

If That's the "Good News," Is There Any "Great News?"

Yes! Each letter you send through Sandboxx includes a pre-addressed envelope to make responding easy for recruits. The only thing your recruit will need to do is add a stamp. To save them from this step, you can select Reply Postage from the letter add-on screen for $1.99 per Sandboxx letter.

When will my recipient read or receive my mail?

Mail call varies by military branch and base.

How Does My Recruit Communicate With Me? Is it through the Sandboxx App?

Recruits do not have access to the internet or their cell phones during training. ย 

Sandboxx provides the means for your recruit to send you a physical letter back immediately with the self-addressed envelope.

How Will I Know When My Recruit Sends a Letter Back?

When your recruit uses a pre-addressed Sandboxx envelope to write back to you, you will receive a notification in the app that they have written back to you. Please note, these notifications are triggered entirely by the USPS. If the barcode on the envelope is not scanned by the postal worker, you will not receive a notification.

Another great idea is to sign up for Informed Delivery through the US Post Office. It allows you to get notifications when you have a letter out for delivery.

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