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Why is my letter "On Hold" and how do I fix it?
Why is my letter "On Hold" and how do I fix it?

Did you get an email or notification about your letter being on hold? Don't worry, you're a short step away from fixing it.

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Why would my letter be on hold?
Letters can go on hold for a number of reasons but the most likely culprit is that the address has been flagged as possibly undeliverable and therefore, we place it on hold.

What happens when my letter is on hold?
Your letter, if it has been flagged as possibly undeliverable, will be manually assigned this status by a member of our Customer Happiness team.

Our Customer Happiness team is comprised of military spouses who make it their sole mission to ensure your letter gets delivered and delivered fast.

How do I fix my on-hold letter?
Follow the steps outlined below to attempt to fix your letter.

  • Open the Sandboxx app

  • Navigate to your letters dashboard (middle button)

  • Scroll to the bottom to view your most recent letter

  • You'll see a small icon to the right of the letter with a status

  • This status will say "Fix Issue" in red with a small warning icon

  • Click this text and you'll be brought to a screen to fix your address

  • Once on the new screen, make your edits to Line 1 and Line 2

  • Click "Save" in the top right and your letter will go back to "In Review" where a Customer Happiness Team Member will review it for accuracy and deliverability

Can my letter go back on hold again?
Yes, your letter may go back on hold again if the edits were either i) the same or ii) insufficient to get your letter delivered.

You can visit our website for additional information regarding what your complete address should look like.

If I can't make the edits successfully, can I contact support?
Yes! Absolutely. Simply click the button on the bottom of the "Edit" screen to open a chat with one of our Customer Happiness Team Members, we're happy to help you!

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