Can I fix my letter/photo once I've hit 'send'?
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Let's say you hit 'send' and suddenly you realize there's a typo in your letter, or, you forgot to say something else to your recruit or you see the photo that you meant to attach to your letter isn't showing.

What can you do next?

First, check to see if your letter is still processing by going to the Home Tab>History>Show All.

If you see your letter processing, you can reach out to our Customer Happiness Team to request the letter be archived and have a credit added back to your account so you can try again.

(Secret Tip: Make sure you've copied and pasted your letter into the Notes Section of your phone or an email draft, this is a handy way to save your letter outside of Sandboxx just in case)

If you check your letter and it shows as printed, this means that we're unable to stop that letter from being sent. Your letter will be sent as-is.

(Secret Tip: once you've sent your letter to Sandboxx you can check to make sure your photo is attached by going to the Home Tab>History>Show All to see if the photo is visible on the letter sent to your recruit.

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