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How to use our latest feature, Support Squad

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What is a Support Squad?

This is a group of friends and family you’ve invited to support your recruit during training or your service member during deployment. Everyone in the group can see the days until your recruit graduates, write a letter, and donate letters for others to use.

Who can join my Support Squad?

Only people you invite are eligible to join your Support Squad.

How does someone join a Support Squad?

As the creator of the Support Squad, you can send email invitations to family and friends. These family and friends will receive an email inviting them to join and they will click on the link to accept the invitation to join your Squad.

How do I create a Support Squad?

Navigate to your Profile tab and click on “Squads” at the top. Click the button to create a new Support Squad and then invite your friends.

Is the Support Squad public or private?

It is private by default. Only family and friends who are invited can join your Support Squad. There are no plans to make these groups public at this time.

Can I donate letters to the group?

Yes! Once you successfully join a group, you can donate letters so other group members can utilize them to send support and encouragement to your recruit.

Note: All letter credits donated to the Squad will include one photo. If letter senders would like to add additional photos, they can do so by adding the multi-photo feature for $1.99. The Sandboxx Plus Bundle does not extend to the Support Squad.

Can I leave a Support Squad?

Yes, simply click on the “open door” icon in the top right corner of the banner of the Support Squad you’re a member of and it will prompt you to confirm your selection to leave the group.

What happens if I leave a Support Squad?

Your activity will still appear in the Support Squad Activity feed, but you will no longer be able to access this Squad unless you get another invite and re-join the group.

What is the Support Squad Activity Feed?

It is a dynamic timeline of support activity by group members. It will display if someone wrote a letter to the recruit of the Squad, but not the letter's content. It will also display any newsletter sent by any member of the group along with letters donated.

Can an Administrator of the Support Squad remove members?

Yes. If for some reason, the Administrator needs to remove someone from the group, they can easily accomplish this. As an Administrator, you will click on the “shield” icon in the top right of the Support Squad. This will take you to the Squad Settings view and you can click on “Edit” and remove any member.

Can I add another Administrator to my Support Squad?

Yes, you can add any of your existing Support Squad members to be an Administrator. Simply go to your Support Squad settings, click on Members, and then edit and you’ll be able to select who you want to be an administrator.

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