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Daily Drive: Motivation and Bible Verses
Daily Drive: Motivation and Bible Verses

Frequently asked questions about the Daily Drive

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If you purchased an item via the Sandboxx Shop, please visit our Sandboxx Shop FAQ page for questions and answers relating to those purchases.

What is the Daily Drive?

The Daily Drive is a 4-week subscription of either bible verses or motivational quotes that are sent daily to your recruit, Monday through Friday. 20 items will be sent in total.

How is the Daily Drive sent?

The Daily Drive will be a printed image with the corresponding quote or verse and sent in an envelope in the same manner as letters are sent.

When is the first Daily Drive sent out?

The Daily Drive is sent daily, Monday through Friday.

Orders placed after 6:00am EDT will begin sending the next business day.

Can I switch from Bible Verses to Motivational Quotes?

Yes. Please reach out to our Customer Happiness Team via chat or by email at to request the change.

Will my recruit know the Daily Drive is coming from me?

Yes, they will see that you were the person who sent the quote/verse.

If my recruit’s address has been changed or updated for letters, will it also be automatically updated for the Daily Drive?

No. You will need to reach out to our Customer Happiness Team via chat or by email at to update the mailing address for your Daily Drive items.

Does the Daily Drive also include stationery and a pre-addressed envelope?

A pre-addressed envelope is included with the Daily Drive; stationery is not included.

How much is the Daily Drive?

When purchased in-app as a letter add-on, the purchase price is a one-time charge of $40.00 and will be charged at the time your order is placed.

Can I cancel my Daily Drive purchase?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. To do so, reach out to our Customer Happiness Team via chat or by email at

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