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Frequently asked questions about the Dispatch

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What is The Dispatch: Weekly Newsletters?

The Dispatch: Weekly Newsletter is a weekly newsletter sent on Thursdays.

Curated by the Sandboxx editorial team from Sandboxx News, we provide unique weekly content delivered to your recruit using the same next-day delivery system as our Letters product.

Sandboxx News is our media site that contains the latest news, entertainment, and motivation from all around the force, dedicated to making a well-rounded 21st-century warfighter.

Articles are apolitical and authored by veterans, military spouses, and some active duty service members.

On Duty vs. Off Duty - what’s the difference?

The On Duty newsletter features a variety of military news and educational reading geared toward a successful military career.

The Off Duty newsletter features current event topics and entertainment related to the military.

When will the first Newsletter be sent?

Newsletters are sent weekly on Thursdays.

Orders placed after 11:59PM EDT on Wednesday will begin the following week on Thursday.

Can I choose a newsletter based on branch of service?

The On Duty and Off Duty both contain content that is relevant to all branches; there are not specific newsletters for each branch of service.

Can I switch from On Duty to Off Duty?

Yes. Please reach out to our Customer Happiness Team via chat or by email at to request the change.

How many pages is the Newsletter?

The On Duty Newsletters are approximately two pages and the Off Duty Newsletters are approximately three pages. Both contain roughly the same amount of written content; the Off Duty version often contains more graphics/photos.

If my recruit’s address has been changed or updated for letters, will it also be automatically updated for the newsletters?

No. You will need to reach out to our Customer Happiness Team via chat or by email at to update the mailing address for your remaining newsletters.

Will my recruit know the newsletters are coming from me?

Yes, they will see that you were the person who sent the newsletters.

Does The Dispatch: Weekly Newsletter also include stationery and a pre-addressed envelope?

A pre-addressed envelope is included with each Newsletter; stationery is not included.

Can I cancel The Dispatch: Weekly Newsletter?

Yes, you can stop the newsletters from sending at any time. To do so, reach out to our Customer Happiness Team via chat or by email at

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