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What is reply postage?

Each Sandboxx Letter includes a pre-addressed envelope for your recruit to write back quickly and easily. Reply postage is not included unless it is purchased.

By purchasing reply postage, the pre-addressed envelope will have postage pre-paid and your recruit will not need to add a stamp.

How will my recruit know reply postage is included?

In the upper right-hand corner of the envelope, the postage area will say First Class Postage Paid.

There will also be a notice included in the envelope with your letter to let your recruit know that reply postage is included.

Here is an example of what those look like:

I was not able to add reply postage when submitting my letter. Can I add it after submitting it?

Once a letter has been submitted, it is not possible to add reply postage.

Alternatively, you can purchase stamps through the Sandboxx Shop.

Is reply postage available for letters with an international return address?

At this time, reply postage is available for letters with a return address in the US or US Territory.

I live in the US or a US Territory and did not see the option to add reply postage. Why?

In order for the reply postage option to appear, your return address must match the official USPS address format. You can check your address formatting here.

Does reply postage mean there will be tracking for my letter from my recruit?

Letters from your recruit will come via USPS First Class Mail.

All letters sent in a Sandboxx Reply envelope will have a barcode for reply mail notifications.

My letter was returned, can I get a refund for the reply postage?

We can resend your letter and a new postage pre-paid envelope to your recruit.

Please reach out to our Customer Happiness team via chat or by email at

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