What does a Sandboxx Letter look like?

Here's what's included in every Sandboxx Letter

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What is a Sandboxx Letter?

A Sandboxx Letter is an electronically composed message that is printed into a physical letter, and sent to recruits in training. Sandboxx Letters are delivered overnight to base, making them faster than traditional snail mail.

We know that you have options when it comes to getting your message into the hands of your future service member. What is it about Sandboxx Letters that make them the best way to reach your recruit?

Every Sandboxx Letter includes:

Your personal message, and an optional photo for you to include.

An optional military Exchange gift card add-on.

Return stationery to make it simple for your recruit to write back to you.

A pre-addressed return envelope to make replying back to you easier for your recruit.

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