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What is Sandboxx Plus?

Sandboxx Plus is the ultimate basic training support bundle designed to provide an exceptional communication experience for military families. This exclusive bundle offers a range of benefits tailored to help you stay connected with your recruit and show your support during their training.

What do I get with Sandboxx Plus?

  • 12 letters

  • Ability to add up to four photos to your Sandboxx letters**

  • 8 weeks of The Dispatch - "On Duty" Newsletter sent directly to your recruit

  • Additional discount on your next letter bundle purchase

How do I sign up for Sandboxx Plus?

Visit our pricing or bundles pages to purchase.

What happens if I run out of letters for the month?

If you run out of letters for the month, you can easily purchase more to keep your communication flowing.

Can I allocate extra letters to someone else?

Letters can be shared via Support Squad giving you the flexibility to donate extra letters to family and friends if needed.

What is The Dispatch - On Duty Newsletter and how do I activate it?

The Dispatch - On Duty Newsletter is a weekly publication that provides military news and educational reading geared toward a successful military career.

To activate the 8 weeks of The Dispatch - On Duty Newsletter, select it from the letter add-on screen when sending your next Sandboxx letter and choose the FREE option. This activation only needs to be done once.

Free Reply Postage FAQ

Free reply postage is dependent upon the return address listed in your profile. Please make sure it follows USPS standards to ensure the postage is included with each letter. Please note that reply postage is only available for reply letters being sent to US addresses.

**Multiple photos included with a Sandboxx Plus bundle are not transferrable to a Support Squad. If a Support Squad member would like to add multiple photos, they will need to purchase a multi-photo pack.

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